Vocals- Freesia Hovermann

Keyboards- George Bibicos

Guitar- Ed Germain

Drums- Doug Bligh

Bass- Pete Locke


Local Sydney Blues/Rock/Soul band, The Freeriders, comprise Freesia Hovermann's funky, gospel-influenced vocals; Ed Germain's lush six-string phatness; Pete Locke's rockin' bass; Doug Bligh's classic drum feels, and George Bibicos's New Orleans-driven keys. 

The Freeriders released an EP in 2019 of four original songs and one fantastic cover of Junior Wells' classic 1960 song 'Little by Little'. You can listen to these tracks on our Music page, Spotify, and iTunes etc.

The band wasn't able to play live in 2020, but they have enjoyed writing new songs together and will be releasing a new album later in 2021. 

Vocals - Freesia Hovermann (formerly Freesia Mooney)

(of The Fever Pitch - a big Soul band, 2013 - present,

Cafe of the Gate of Salvation, Sydney's premier a cappella Gospel choir, 2008-2016).

Born in Adelaide, Freesia has lived in Sydney since she was 5 years old. Born into a musical family; Freesia's father Brendan Mooney was a professional singer when Freesia was growing up, performing in musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar and Ned Kelly, the Sydney Opera House Choir, and then the Cafe Of The Gate Of Salvation. 


As a teenager Freesia started with Opera singing lessons, and then moved on to more contemporary styles. The 90s saw Freesia collaborate with a number of producers making Pop/R&B demos, and singing in various Jazz and Blues bands. 


In 2008 Freesia joined The Cafe Of The Gate Of Salvation, Sydney's premier gospel choir. With the "Cafe" she performed at many high profile gigs; including the 2009 Climate Rally at The Sydney Opera House for 350.Org, the re-opening of the Sydney Town Hall 2009, and supporting Imogen Heap at the State Theatre 2011. Freesia sang with the choir for nine years, and credits the choir with helping her find her soulful voice.

Inspired by Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Sharon Jones, and Stevie Nicks to name a few, Freesia is passionate about performing with great people, telling a story with song, and hopefully making people feel good and get up to have a dance. 


Guitar - Ed Germain (Hucker Brown, Moonfish, The Margaritas, Twinnset). He hails from Papua New Guinea, though raised up near Byron Bay. He first picked up the guitar at 11 years old, kicking off his lifelong love of music starting with the classical guitar. He loves all music, from classical to jazz, world, blues, soul, & rock. All these fabulous sounds influence the band’s music. 


Bass - Pete Locke (Hucker Brown, One Piece Easy). He hasn’t always played the Bass, the electric guitar was his first love. He was brought up on a diet of British pop music (Madness, The Police, Duran Duran, Eurythmics) and brass bands (think "Brassed Off") before departing for metal and grunge sound, and then onto funk and rap. He brings his diverse sounds to The Freeriders.


Drums - Doug Bligh (Hucker Brown, Goldrush, The Flood, Ganggajang). Born and raised in Sydney; he started playing in high school around 1967. He has played country/alt country over the years, though began with rock and prog rock style bands. He’s also a lover of soul and blues, particularly where original compositions are involved. 

Keyboards - George Bibicos (Hucker Brown, The Pearl Show, The Toni Swain band, Danglin Brothers, Psycho Zydeco, Astro Tabasco). Originally from the beach suburb Maroubra, he has travelled to various exotic places in the world, which have influenced his music. Inspiration also comes from the great jazz musicians like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock etc. His multi talents lean into the sounds of The Freeriders. 

Timeless melodies and fresh jams have been captured by the band in a bunch of original songs and covers influenced by the groovy 70's-era soul, blues, funk, and rock.


With an experienced rhythm section, a strong guitar/keys partnership, and a singer that delivers everything from heartfelt ballads to soul-funk attitude, The Freeriders will not disappoint.

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